Experimental Soundart
, performances and soundsculptures
made and played by Margriet Kicks-Ass

Margriet Kicks-Ass (NL) works as an interdisciplinary artist. Her artistic process can be described as investigative.
In a Dadaistic manner she combines art with technology. Already as a child she asked herself: ‘Why are the dishes
not arranged alphabetically?’ Margriet refuses to be intimidated by calls for efficiency and functionality. She is
exchanging the context and meaning of everyday objects and combining opposites with an analytical attitude which
also reflects her fascination for natural phenomena. This is the starting point for the development of playful kinetic
sound sculptures, which she later exhibits as interactive works of art or in theatrical live performances.
The physical
power of sound is her inspiration source. Earlier work concerned research in magnetic fields, pneumatic sounds and
the ´quake-factor´ or vibration and resonance behaviour of daily objects, to shape an audible landscape of sound layers.
Now she has changed her direction more towards our divine nature.


By showing the pure sound source (without effects), visitors can literally see how the sounds are made.
I'm playing with daily objects, juggling with the possible meaning like a dadaist. Mixing things which are normally
not destined to be placed together, highlighting how easy it is to break free of daily life conventions and showing
how automatisms are fixed in our behavior without us being aware of any other options.

It is possible to make a composition with a self-made object instead of traditional instruments. In that sense
I'm trying to open up some prejudices about so called ´music´. Not opening the discussion if it is music or not,
I am able to play noises in such a way visitors enjoy the performance, imagining other planets or even dance,
or discover and play themselves. A live sound-research with visual ingredients put together in a sculpture.
Presenting crossovers of different media: combining monumental 3d-sculpture with sound-art (installation),
sometimes with moving parts (kinetic art), or live performance (theater), all inspired by nature herself.


Pictures: see my Flickr channel

IJmuiden and beyond (January till May 2021)

Edible weeds walk  25th of april 2021

Loving my neighbourhood (june 2021)

Amsterdam (july 2021)


Video: see my channel on Bitchute


:with my "Splashbox" (Plonsbak) 3.08 min

Storm-concert of 500.5 Poems about death, at night of the deaths at NDSM Amsterdam. However, I was not happy with the
the organisation had placed around my work. Better would have been uncolored light, or no lights at all,
(because I had my own little
lamps connected). Link to the poems.

:A collaboration with Dewi de Vree at Submarine festival in Den Haag
with my instrument "Unheard voices" (Ongehoorde stemmen)). 11.30 min

Playing with the shouting saw and the three sponges 
47 sec (proud being able to pick the sound up from nothing, after a break of a few years)

Sound-experiments in my workplace with drops and hot metal
19.29 min

Drops of water falling on hot metal plates  :Performance during November Music in Den Bosch ("Druppel op een gloeiende plaat") 1.22 min

Duet with the soundcase during an osmotic evening at STEIM Amsterdam 10.33 min

Soundcase: Electronics. Performance with a mobile set-up. 25 sec

soundcase at VROOOM Rotterdam 13.57 min

Playing at my own rRammelfest together with Audiomachinist Geert Jonkers 28.58 min

New Instrument Design competition: in Atlanta (US) and a window concert for 1 visitor (Splashbox) 10.42 min

Jamming at Laut KlangKunst Festival in Mainz 8.37 min

Splashbox: Performance with water-based soundsculpture in Kulter Amsterdam 9.20 min

Splashbox: First concert at Rammelfest 8.nat, after a residency at Artspace Flipside 30.06 min

Splashbox  :Performance in Brussels with an earlier version of this instrument ("Plonsbak") playing with lights 6.39 min

Tribute to the DADA-movement at PERESTROJKA Festival, playing with letters 15.01 min

Artist at work with a drilling machine in Artspace Flipside 2.03 min

Artist at work :The very first version of the Splasbox and the building and experimenting process of the final version
during an artist-in-residence project
13.43 min

Experiments with sounds and movements 1.11 min

Preparing the stage at Brug theater festival Alkmaar in the Irish pub 3.28 min

Rauschmachiene (Rammelkast) at FAQ-festival Den Bosch (full version) 24.26 min

Rauschmachiene: Collaboration with a dancer; a dialogue between the Rauschmachine and a dancer 4.42 min

Rauschmachiene: Collaboration with a painter; a dialogue between the Rauschmachine and a painting 17.34 min

Letting the audience play with my Rauschmaschiene 5.55 min

Rauschmaschiene first concert, at Rammelfest 2.1 - 17.06 min

Noise-lab: Live at 013 Tilburg 4.46 min

Pneumatix: Full concert at Toonfestival Haarlem (patronaat) 23.05 min

Pneumatix : Playing with my pneumatic soundsculpture at Nijmeegse Vierdaagse and Robodock Festival Amsterdam 6.20 min

Pneumatix: Performance with wild pneumatic installation at Ni Musique Muzik No!! Festival in 'de Grimas' in Tienen (BE) 4.30 min

Jamming in Den Haag 29 sec

Open window concert at home: Controlling pneumatic cylinders with proximity sensors and adding electronic sounds with my laptop. 8.33 min

Artist-in-residency with my pneumatic cylinders at PlanetArt Gogbotfestival 8.20 min

Krankenhaus: Graduation-project with a playable pneumatic noise-installation 2.51 min

Performance Aangeschoten wild (Partly shot wild animal): with my Lawaaij-masjien (Noijs-masjchien) in solidarity with the animals, during Christmas 7.00 min

Interview in Electron Breda: about my performance Aangeschoten wild (Partly shot wild animal) 9.30 min

Other projects

Radioplay: An (Im)Possibled story: Answered questions theatrically questioned. Independent episode 9.
Episode 9 is a gift to the world, because it is about the world of today. My personal contribution to society. 1 h 39 min

Radioplay in Dutch: Een GeOnmogelijkt verhaal: Beantwoorde vragen theatraal bevraagd. (Onafhankelijke episode 9.) 1 u 35 min

Poetry: Gebarsten Cement (Dutch) pdf (see also the video)
In 2019, I was invited to once again participate in the Night of the Deaths at NDSM. Since I was no longer officially an artist,
but still wanted to participate, I decided to write 1001 poems about death. I had no idea how much work that was,
as I had written my last poem in my teens, if I remember correctly.

Soon I realized I had to halve the number; it became 500.5 poems. They hung clattering in the wind, written on a transparent
bag filled with beach-sand and a shell. Thus, it became unintentionally nonetheless a sound-artwork, albeit outstretched.
In 2020, the half-finished  artwork began to ask my attention again, and I wrote the remaining 500.5 poems, in the form of
the invisible intermediate poems, which reacted either as opposites, or associations to the adjacent poems.

In late 2020, I began to incorporate them into dialogues, and in 2021, radio-plays emerged from them, which has brought me back
home to sound again. Incidentally, many poems appear to have a high prophetic content, which, looking back, I find interesting.

Would then? A NoisePoem-PictureMovie 9.26 min

Zou dan? :Geluids-Gedicht Slide-show (Dutch) 9.25 min

The DADA-Kreuzer, a theatrical environment made from and in a so called Alpenkreuzer: In this installation the visitors were invited, after
I had given them a shot of Absinth, to throw mushrooms to littles gnomes, in a spooky little room, filled with smoke, unexpected sounds,
lights and incomprehensible images
, at Blikopener Festival

(The idea and equipment came from me, the working out was together with Lorna and Erwin.) 5.31 min

Invited the audience to throw tableware (which I had provided beforehand) against the wall 2.17 min

If the ocean was square and filled with bits :video-clip I made with my instrument "Soundcase" (geluidszakenkoffer)
With Pure Data (software) I changed self-made pictures and made them move.
8.30 min

Soundforce : video about the power of objects being moved by sound with the "Rauschmachine" (Rammelkast) 4.56 min

Provided live digital soundscapes behind poems in the rain at Mysteryland 1.31 min

Organized my own soundart-festival called Rammelfest. See pictures, and program(At the time I invented this playful name, I didn't know the German meaning).

Organized together with Lukas Simonis a SOS-save-MS-Stubnitz-release.
An initiative of dutch artists from the experimental
music scene, to support Motorship Stubnitz in Hamburg.
This compilation of dutch experimental artists was produced
in less then a week;

Participated in a release of international female composers

Participated in an exhibition with experimental sounds, sculptures and installations at ESSI, in Melbourne Australia.
(still with my most beautiful picture in the database of their website)

Kingsday at NDSM: a collaboration with Peter (pictures)



Als, dan  (little piece of new radioplay) mp3. This time I am writing and working out at the same time. Still a lot of work, but lots of fun..

Would then (noisepoem) mp3

Only the moment knows (noisepoem) mp3

Alleen het moment wéét
(noisepoem in Dutch) mp3

Nur der Augenblick weiss (noisepoem in German) mp3

Noise-ocean (has been exhibited at the sound-exhibition in Madrid) mp3

Presenting the English crew of an (Im)possibled Story mp3

End of an era mp3



It's time that the so called political left wing and right wing unite(s),
as well as the jesus-believers with the non-jesus-believers, in order to survive.
Forget the differences and look for the similarities.

Work in progress: Image-poems (beeldgedichten) dutch

Mary Bauermeister



a message of Koko

vibration and perception



collapse 1

real raw news


july 21

T's airlines

how it works


hacked drones







in between




Exhibition audiosphere in Madrid until 11th of February 2021

Download the catalogue of the exhibition of 810 soundart-works
of non-mainstream artists of the soundartscene from the webpage
of Museo Nacionalcentro de Arte Reina Sofia by this link:

or directly here (English) audiosfera_ingles_14.10.20.pdf

With many thanks to Francisco Lopez for designing such a major overview
of the international and wonderful best scene of all: the soundartscene

I am selected with my piece called Noise-Ocean, I made in 2014,
during an artist-in-residence in Scheveningen (Badgast).

For this composition I used an underwatermicrophone for sounds
of the sea and the local harbour. You are hearing this mic being
swept by the waves over the sand, and receiving shortwave radiostations
of sailing boats in the harbour, their motors while making manoeuvres
and even flushing their toilets. Furthermore I added daily
sounds of the village for this soundtrack.


Exhibition audiosphere in Madrid postponed to 14th of October 2020
until 11th of February 2021

Social experimental audio pre and post-internet
at Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid


                                                                 2021 Margriet Kicks-Ass