My starting-point of this graduation project (Artscience KABK 2004, former Interfaculty Sound & Image) was to meet  IMAGE (3D-movements), through (an analyse of)  SOUND , with a triggering between both.
Taking away the abstract SOUNDWAVE  from a display to make it visible, audible and real, combined with technical challenges.  Trying to make feed-back visible to avoid the installation being just air.

To translate soundwaves into 3D-movements I used 5 pneumatic cylinders, whose movements correspond to the changing figures shown by the oscilloscope. So the cylinders are showing real-time the movements of the audible soundwaves by going up and down.

The image of the soundwaves is also projected over the cylinders. It lets the shadows play and closes the beginning and end of the cyclus.

The installation is triggered by original soundrecordings of the cylinders, valves and compressors itselves. That means that they react on their own sounds (4 channels, 50 samples, live mixed and optional live sounds from microphone).

Feedback with me as conductor in between, which closes the circle in sound. However, each sound-input would be optional, as wel as complete self-acting behaviour without any need of a human being.

Krankenhaus can be considered as  an experience-artproject in the environment, an electronic / pneumatic concert of original sounds, live pneumatic noise, original changing image of the oscilloscope used as input signal and the industrial show of the cylinders, going up till 2 meters high, made to lift 1000 kilo's each, are just dancing in the air, which makes a strange real / unreal impression.

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