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Exhibition AUDIOSPHERE : Social experimental audio, Pre-and Post Internet at Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in MADRID :
14th of October 2020 until 11th of February 2021

Download the catalogue of the exhibition of 810 soundart-works of non-mainstream artists of the soundartscene from the webpage of Museo Nacionalcentro de Arte Reina Sofia
by this link:

or directly here (English) audiosfera_ingles_14.10.20.pdf

With many thanks to Francisco Lopez for designing such a major overview of the international and wonderful best scene of all: the soundartscene

I am selected with my piece called Noise-Ocean, I made in 2014, during an artist-in-residence in Scheveningen (Badgast).

For this composition I used an underwatermicrophone for sounds of the sea and the local harbour. You are hearing this mic being swept by the waves over the sand, and receiving shortwave radiostations of sailing boats in the harbour, their motors while making manoeuvres and even flushing their toilets. Furthermore I added daily sounds of the village for this soundtrack.

Have a listen here: Noise-Ocean.mp3 (5m 40s)

or download original: wav-file (57,2 MB)

* Finished my 1000 poems (20.724 words, around 270 pages - last corrections)

* Finished chapter 1 till 4 of GeOnmogelijkt verhaal:
Hoofdstuk 1: 4 pagina's 3 personages 1091 woorden
  Hoofdstuk 2: 13 pagina's 12 personages 2706 woorden
  Hoofdstuk 3: 47 pagina's 9 personages 12445 woorden

  Hoofdstuk 4: 27 pagina's 11 personages 4973 woorden

* Finished 2020 POEMS, (in dutch) een zeer actuele reeks gedichten
  zonder copyright en gratis te gebruiken ter inspiratie en om uit te delen.


Good versus Evil

The happenings in Washington DC the 6th of January, showed perfectly the mechanisms which are at play.
In this process of ascension of the Earth the “good” allows the “bad” to play its role, be it limited, so “the good”
discerns what will be allowed to play out. Because the dark forces are very predictable, they become a part of
the plan to let the Earth ascend to a higher vibration, as we saw yesterday. Antifa playing their part, intended
to push B forward as president, actually became a tool of the White Hats, who are cleaning WDC of all players
of the dark in the government, now all showing their real face. They all will be removed from this planet
(death penalty

In the same way as the ones who have chosen the dark, the too obedient ones will be removed from this planet,
because they would impede or block the ascension, because they would not be able to handle the new reality.
How could this be established? By a water-flood just all are gone, whatever which vibration. So again the “good”
allows the “bad” to roll out their plan, for a very short period. The ones who are indoctrinated by the media, will
actually kill themselves, by getting the pharmaceutical poison in their body. They are so convinced, with no
evidence of the world they will change their mind any more. Only the ones who were too busy to check what
is really going on can eventually be reached. But that time is now over. Everyone has to make up his mind,
after so many lockdowns there have been time enough to figure out the truth. All those who are too stupid to
see through, will leave. Many will die. That’s also why the President of the US pushed these vaccines, what many
Q-followers didn’t understand. Yes they are deadly, not immediately, that would be too obvious, but in the course
of some weeks or months.

How other could this distinction in being fit for higher frequencies have been made? The “good” needed “the evil”,
but not until the end. At exactly the right time they will be thrown out themselves. Everyone will be given the choice,
until the last moment to choose for the light or the dark. This choice will be especially for the traumatized a difficult
one. Those who are heavenly mistreated, and because of that very vulnerable for turning to the dark side, treating
others as they have been mistreated, have to heal themselves, but they will get all help needed, in case the right choice
is made. Otherwise they also will leave this planet.

All the children abused in the underground bunkers will be healed in so called “MEDBEDS”, a technology given to us
by extraterrestrials, to heal bodies in a holographic way in 20 minutes (complete restoration of the body). These children
will be the first to be cured, otherwise they would maybe become criminals, psychopaths, because of the cruelties they

They say around June this year the MEDBEDS will be installed all over the world. No deadly diseases will exist any more,
cancer, Alzheimer, it all will be cured. After being treated with such a MEDBED, you will become many years younger and
100% healthy. So we all will live much longer, with a lot less people on this earth. They exist already, but have been kept
secret by the Deep State.

I am looking forward, but enjoying the ride..
We all will lose a lot of friends and family-members in this process, But remember, we all have a free will! Those not fit
for the higher vibrations will incarnate somewhere else and eventually join after having walked through their development
at their own pace. In order to build a new earth, first everything has to break down, that's what now is happening.
Exciting times to live in! Forget the past and be prepared for the future, while living in the now.

Conform my own insights and gathered information..
What is the truth?

Sharing some truths, feels like a big relief. What the truth should be, nobody knows. I think we all have our own truths, our own versions, which are all
legitimate, as Einstein taught us already. The real battlefield takes place on the social media platforms. That's not where I am, apart from Telegram and Gab,
where I am following a few groups, not even commenting. Nor do I know to have followers, if any. It's the same as in the soundart art, I am always looking for the borders,
forgotten edges. In the same way I always have made Art for the sake of the Art itself, I love to speak my Truth no other than for the Truth itself, no other motives,
not even from an altruistic standpoint. I don't care if it reaches anybody, never intended to reach a mass of people. I don't even know for whom I am writing here,
if anybody. If they are called John, Mary, Jack, Yvonne or Bart, who knows, I have no idea, can only joke about it. I love jokes.

To be honest, I expect here nobody, apart from maybe some collegues in the soundart, wondering what I am doing nowadays. A website of a soundartist not making
any sounds at all any more, although I enjoy to do some updates. I always enjoyed taking care of it. Many people offered me help to build it
"more professionally", not understanding that if I wished it to be "more professionally" I would have build it that way. The way it is now is exactly
as it is mend to be. There are enough "professional websites', just have a look everywhere else, as a website is supposed to be, not here.

Some people are afraid of specific truths, causing them cognitive dissonances. Other ones are afraid of speaking them and the third group of people are worried about
other people speaking truths, not realizing that where attention goes, energy flows. (And some don't care about any truth at all, just living their own life).
As paradoxal as it may sound,  worrying for somebody else can never be good, can actually manifest the opposite. What you believe comes true, even for other people.
So the best one can do instead  of worrying, is sending somebody love and protection on the energetic level. That's just how this universe works, but nobody knows it anymore.
There are universal rules, which we use inversed, in case we focus on the negative, we make things happen. Luckily this works also in the positive domain.
The media are very busy with imprinting horror scenarios in the human collective. Our task is to replace that version whith the opposite one. (In your mind or in reality, both valid).


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