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Margriet Kicks-Ass is an interdisciplinary Artist working both in the Netherlands (Ijmuiden) and Berlin. Her artistic process can be described as investigative. In a Dadaistic manner she combines art with technology. Already as a child Margriet asked herself: ‘Why are the dishes not arranged alphabetically?’ Margriet refuses to be intimidated by calls for efficiency and functionality. She is juggling the context and meaning of everyday objects with an analytical attitude which also reflects her fascination for natural phenomena and technology. This is the starting point for the development/invention of playful kinetic sound sculptures, which she later exhibits as autonomous works of art or in theatrical live performances.She ignores trends in art and follows her own path, instead, while drawing inspiration from artists such as Theo Jansen, Gerrit van Bakel and Karlheinz Stockhausen.

Margriet’s best known work so far is the recent ‘ SPLASHBOX, her 8th kinetic sound-sculpture, rewarding her with an entry for the Guthman Instrument Design Competition’ held at the Georgia Technical University in Atlanta (US) 2014.


Recently Margriet has initiated a successful series of museum workshops called
Asking Stupid Questions  and she's also organised an almost annually returning event: A sound art and performance festival called RammelfestFurthermore she has, together with Lukas Simonis, initiated a release of the Dutch-Experimental-Music-Scene, to support Motorschiff Stubnitz in September  2014. In november 2014 she was involved in a compilation of sound works of international female  composers called Urban Arts Berlin. Her most recent solo record can be played and purchased here.


* ArtScience (former Sound & Image) at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the Royal Conservatoire
  in The Hague (NL), graduated in 2004. This academy was about art and technology, combining
  disciplines, interactivity, triggering all the senses, overall environmental installations, art in public space
  and performance art
* Audiovisual design at the Academy of Fine Arts Tilburg (containing film, photography, video, sound, and  
  sculpture in an autonomous way)


*    Designing interactive guided tours in museums of modern art
*    Pure Data (Steim) visual programming an open source platform
*    Electronics (Dirksen online course) and DIY like Arduino and soldering sensors and trigger-modules 
     in sound and image
*    Experimental sound by film (Steim)
*    Sound-engineer (IAB - Utrecht)
*    Landcape Photography (Fotogram)
*    Director television (Hilversum, tv College, regie 1)


(Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Feb 2015)

Kurt Hentschläger (AT) creates audiovisual installations and performances. Between 1992 and 2003 he worked within the artist duo Granular Synthesis. Hentschläger’s work is characteristically visceral and immersive, as in ZEE and FEED, with extreme perceptual effects composed from light, sound and fog. These works literally transport the viewer into other worlds. Hentschläger’s CLUSTER series builds on the uncanny by portraying 3D representations of humanoid creatures that can only exist in dynamic flux, swirling and flowing like the wind, apparently unhinged from the screen on which they are projected. Hentschläger’s most recent, emerging body of work centres on how we perceive nature in the 21st century.


The masterclass provided a unique opportunity for professional artists, musicians, composers, film makers, academics and advanced students to gain in-depth insight into McCall’s concepts, working process and methods.
Anthony McCall (UK/US) has a cross-disciplinary practice in which film, sculpture, installation, drawing and performance overlap. McCall was a key figure in the avant- garde London Film-makers Co- operative in the 1970s and his earliest films are documents of outdoor performances that were notable for their minimal use of the elements, most notably fire. He gained international recognition through his ‘solid light’ film series, notably Line Describing A Cone (1973) which was presented at the Sonic Acts festival in 2010.

(feb 2013)

CM von Hausswolff (SE) is a composer and a conceptual artist. Sound recording devices are his main instrument as a composer; as a conceptual artist he works with performance art, light- and sound installations and photography. Mike Harding (UK) is a curator, producer, lecturer and music publisher. He runs the Touch label together with Jon Wozencroft. In the masterclass led by CM von Hausswolff & Mike Harding, participants will work on their own version of freq_out. For freq_out – a concept by CM von Hausswolff – twelve participants are allotted ranges of frequency within the audible sound spectrum. Participant number one will be allotted 0–25 Hz, number two 25–65 Hz, and so on. Over a period of four days, the task of the participant is to compose one sound work each. The work cannot contain any sounds beyond the allotted frequency range, but can be of any length and is played back as a loop. The final work consists of 12 smaller works joined together into a whole.



* Selected as semi-finalist in a contest Instrument Design, the Margaret 
   Guthman competition at the Technical University in Atlanta, USA at 
   Department Music Technology. With participants worldwide. February 2014.


* With her playable sound sculptures Margriet performs regularly in  
   Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, such as Urban Spree Gallery in Berlin, the 
   Robodock Festival in Amsterdam, Urban Explorers in Dordrecht, Motor Schiff 
   Stubnitz in Hamburg and cities like Brussels and Mainz and many more since 
   2006 until now.


- Madame Claude in Berlin, 20th of april 2015
- Berckepoort basement in Dordrecht (march 2015)
- participating in an international streaming performance événement in Nantes in Frankrijk,
  organised by apo33 (February 2015)
- LOOS in Den Haag (Wonderwerp) (Januari 2015)
- NOODLEBAR in Rotterdam (december 2014)
- STEIM in Amsterdam (november 2014)
- VROOOM in Rotterdam (sept 2014)
- Birthday ADM Festival Amsterdam (july 2014)


Started the Splasbox (Plonsbak) with a crowdfunding project on the 
   platform Voordekunst, to gather 1000,- euro material costs. Immediately 
   after that I built this kinetic sculpture during an artist-in-residence at 
   Artspace Flipside in Eindhoven.
   Between 2012 (first with prototype) and september 2014 The Splashbox 
   has been in different places, festivals, galeries, a competition in the USA,
   a ship in Germany and in theatrical settings:

- Joep van Lieshouts "HAPPY INDUSTRY" Museumpark Rotterdam (sept 2014)
- [LAUT] Klangkunstfestival MAINZ, (2014)
- MS STUBNITZ in Hamburg, (2014)
- Musical Instrument Competition Atlanta in USA, (2014)
- RAMMELFEST -MIN 40 Amsterdam, (2014)
- Galerie ROODKAPJE Rotterdam, (2013)
- WORM ver-uit-de-maat, (2013)
- PNEM Soundart Festival, (2013)
- MAFF Festival Almelo, (2013)
- URBAN SPREE GALERIE in Berlijn, (2013)
- KULTER Amsterdam, (2013)
- STORK Hallen, (2013)
- SOTU Festival, (2013)
- Diner DADA Rijkshemelvaart Amsterdam, (2013)
- VOLKSROOM in Brussel, (2013)
- studio LOOS Den Haag, (2013)
- Salon DADA in Amsterdam, (2013)
- Theaterfestival Alkmaar, (2012)
- (h)ear experimental audio research in Heerlen, (2012)
- De Bunker at NDSM Amsterdam, (2012)


* Participation in an exhibition about sound art in Melbourne, Australia in  
* Participation in the Dutch Design Week 2012 in Eindhoven with her   
   interactive sound sculpture the Rauschmaschine. Open for visitors to 
   explore and play themselves.
* Participation with the Rauschmachine in an exhibition on Futurism in   
   Gallery Roodkapje in Rotterdam. Again the visitors were invited to play 
   themselves on the instrument during one month.
* A sound walk designed for CBK Dordrecht (2009)


Most of my kinetic sculptures I developed during an artist-in-residence period. I've been in:

* Satellietgroep Den Haag, the coastal project called BADGAST in 2014.
  Creating a composition of sounds of Scheveningen (coastal town near The 
  Hague) under and above the water. Using the primal elements (water and
  wind) as a red thread in the composition leaded by my own interpretation  
  of the theory of avantgarde composer and visionair Karlheinz Stockhausen. 
  The label Zesde Kolonne from Eindhoven is interested in producing a 
  vinylrecord of my final composition.
* Artspace Flipside in Eindhoven in 2013: Built kinetic sound sculpture 
  "The Splashbox" based on underwater resonancies. Research about water, 
  sound, resonance and video projection and light.
* Rhizomatic Artspace for artistic research in Amsterdam in 2012
  Artistic research about projection combined with sculpture. Video 
  mapping on my soundsculpture combined with live performance .
* NDSM Treehouse, a creative hotspot  in Amsterdam. I Built my sound 
  sculpture the Rauschmachine during a stay in NDSM in 2011



* Invited to provide an online lecture for the university in Scotland on Music Technology department, about 
  my take on interactive sound sculptures. Because of my walking completely my ow path in between the 
  different art forms, designing and building kinetic sound sculptures which can be interactive or combined 
  with performance , it is difficult to put me in a specific scene. (2014/2015)

* My self-developed workshop "asking stupid questions". This workshop trains participants to get rid of 
  (unconscious) automatic mechanisms and exercises to observe precisely. It tries to break free of our 
  habits to behave cool and act intelligent. Asking free questions is a huge liberation and encourages free 
  thinking. The workshop takes place in museum of modern art de Pont in Holland (Tilburg) and is used to 
  look in a different way to modern art with the help of stupid questions (2015)

Organizer of my own art-event: RAMMELFEST. This is a playful and unexpected festival filled with soundart, performances, self-built instruments and modern dance. Get inspired by a laboratorium set-up of many live acts, in which different art-forms are combined.  At unexpected moments a new edition will take place on an unexpected place. This event is funded by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. Until now 5 editions took place since 2010 until present. And it's still growing in its size. Sometimes connected to a residency, sometimes not. Always in collaboration with a local cultural platform.

Rammelfest 2.1 and 5.vis at NDSM Amsterdam,
Rammelfest 7 komma 5 at Das Spectrum in Utrecht
Rammelfest 8.nat at Artspace Flipside in Eindhoven
Rammelfest -min 40 in de Toren in Amsterdam


* The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (2014)
* A Crowdfunding Platform (Voordekunst) to cover material costs
   to build the Splashbox. (2013)


learned how to mix technology with presenting an environment:

* in 2005 I worked for theatre group Dogtroep, helping with the 
  technical art-installation and theatre-show "CARWASH", built on a trailer
* in 2012 I worked for Hummelinck and Stuurman, helping with a big 
  background decoration piece consisting of mechanical flowers growing 
  slowly during the piece
* In 2013 I worked for "NACHT VAN DE DODEN" Van Convoi Exceptionel, at 
  NDSM in Amsterdam. A festival on the former dry dock, filled with 
  performances, artworks, light-effects and professional decoration.


* 2012: During BLIKOPENER FESTIVAL in Delft I made an installation called 
   DADA- Absinthbar. After drinking one glass with absinth, visitors were 
   invited to throw mushrooms towards the gnomes, hidden in an 
   Alpenkreuzer trailer. Inside we made a spooky environment with  
   atmospheric sounds, smoke and abstract light and color patterns.


January 2015:
My solo Bandcamp release, also available as real cd, called: If the ocean was square and filled with bits.
Conected to this album there's a video clip on Vimeo.

November 2014:
Selected in a compilation of sound works of female composers working professionally in the sonic field, from all over the world (Vietnam, China, South Africa, Bolivia, Venezuela, Mexico, Australia, Europe and the US) called Urban Arts Berlin.

September 2014:
Initiated SOS save MS Stubnitz Release together with Lukas Simonis. This online compilation contains 30 tracks of actual sound artists to support the German cultural ship Ms Stubnitz. Because this vessel moored several times in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, we decided to look over the borders of our country, to support this international important crossover initiative. Some tracks were played on the concertzender recently.

From 2004 until now: developing and building (interactive) soundsculptures


Sound-case (2014/2015)
My current project, the Sound Case consists of an empty vinyl-case filled with electronics. Here for the first time I am experimenting with making artistic choices based on pure and authentic sounds. In this process I'm trying not to do any sound technical concessions for the purpose of their visual appearance. More specifically, I'm making decisions combining the extremes of the sound spectrum i.e. analogue sounds of sensor operated electrical circuits producing creaks and beeps combined with very polished sounds from a synthesiser. By this type of combination an authentic and direct sound image (without effects) derives.

Although this is different to the way I have worked before, the sound images that derive prove to be typical for my artistic sound world: rough extremes without dull average greys. I have chosen to turn off the visual element by using the light purely functional. Playing in absolute darkness with a little lamp fixed on my head to trigger the light sensor, the result is that visitors can “see” the changes in sound.

Splashbox (2013/2014):
(In dutch: Plonsbak) This is an interactive sculpture on wheels consisting of a visual interesting construction containing of 2 pipes filled with water. The moving of the water is regulated during a live performance or in stand-alone modus. By adding small objects to the water it creates an under-water composition based on the vibration of these materials. Different small daily life ingredients are suitable as sound source. In this way this instrument functions like a playing back machine of (small pieces of) the environment.

For example melting ice cubes and shells from the beach give a rich sound spectrum. During this wet dance a mini camera is connected to project moving images of the sound soup so that the public can take a look into the source of this real time sound kitchen. This mini- laboratories shows a real-time study of vibrating objects, mixed with sparkling sounds of water.

Although the Splashbox is used primarily in a live performance setting, it is also convenient as an autonomous kinetic sculpture. During a performance it looks like an old steammachine, transferred by a sound witch into a real time audible and visual sound-soup.

Rauschmaschine (2010/2012):
This monumental sound sculpture is a converted file cabinet, which sounds like the cadence directly from the engine room of a large ship. Using bare frequencies the whole unit literally starts to quake. This movement causes everyday (kitchen) objects which are fixed on the cabinet to resonate. Depending on the frequency, different objects start to vibrate. The sounds of these everyday objects are amplified by microphones. Together with the resonating fundamental tones arises an interactive changing landscape of sound layers. The physical energy causes an complete sensation, reaching all the senses. The sounds are in contrast with the form (filing cabinet). normally fully stored with slant archives and files. This dadaistic contrast makes the sensation surrealistic and hilarious.

Noise-lab (2007/2009)
Literally, the precursor (for study) of the Rauschmaschine and the Splashbox, where the speaker is used as an instrument. In a laboratory-like arrangement a gas heater acts as a resonator and a truck spring as vibrating sound source. Both bare frequencies (digital sinus) as feedback sounds form the input of this soundsculpture. It looks like a crazy set-up with a mad professor, researching different sounds. like a doctor with a stethoscope examining the sound of the different parts and materials of the installation. Dressed in a white suit, white gloves and a white wig, the contrast with the iron parts comes out clearly.

Pneumatix (2005/2006)
This is a kinetic living sculpture. A visual (optical) and auditory spectacle with wildly moving tubes that glow in the dark and leave a virtual track (afterimage) behind. The tubes are moved by compressed air and real time controlled from a computer. The sound is generated by the electronic valves, by controlling the tubes also blowing directly into microphones. Besides this tube ballet as contrast 3 pneumatic cylinders are placed, making a total stiff movement from top to bottom and back, making short periods of dense noise. It looks like an uncontrolled spider, trying to escape from this scary but attracting never-seen-before apocalypse, made into an overall composition for all or senses.

Krankenhaus (2004)
In this graduation art work sound waves are translated into a three- dimensional choreography. Light sensors are attached on the display of an analog oscilloscope, and read the sound of the display. This information is translated into movements of five air pressure pistons standing in a row. Earlier recorded sound files of the cylinders are use to trigger them, so they actually react on their own sounds. This environment is a concert of pneumatic air cylinders made to lift 2000 pounds but pointless move in the air as trees in the wind. A kinetic composition with a human conductor in between.


For up to date info please visit NOW

Detailed list from now back:

* 15 march '15:
Giving my workshop "asking stupid questions" in museum of modern Art, de PONT in 
   Tilburg. A Dadaistic workshop questioning everyday automatisms with the help of stupid questions,
   being practised in a museum.

* 6 march '15:Playing at Dutch Tapes at Berckepoort Basement in Dordrecht
* 27 feb '15: Playing at AUDIOBLAST #3, an worldwide online streaming festival organised by APO 33 
  NANTES (France)
* 24 feb '15: Selected for the Masterclass of Kurt Hentschlaeger in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam during 
  Sonic Acts Festival
* 19 feb '15:
Giving my workshop "asking stupid questions" in museum of modern Art, de PONT in Tilburg. 
   A Dadaistic workshop questioning everyday automatisms with the help of stupid questions,
   being practised in a museum.

* 29 jan '15: Playing in LOOS Den Haag at Wonderwerp #58
* 27 dec '14: Playing in the NOODLEBAR in Rotterdam, a monthly modular synth evening hosted at a BAR.
* 18 dec '14: Giving my workshop "asking stupid questions" in museum of modern Art, de PONT in Tilburg. 
   A Dadaistic workshop questioning everyday automatisms with the help of stupid questions,
  being practised in a museum.
* 29 nov '14: Releasing a new solo-cd on bandcamp called: If the ocean was square and filled with bits
* 27 nov '14: Playing at OORSPRONG/STEIM bi-annual project 'Een Osmotische Avond/An Osmotic 
  Evening' edition November 27th at STEIM location in Amsterdam.
* 14 nov '14: Selected in a compilation of sound works of female composers working professionally in the 
  sonic field, from all over the world (Vietnam, China, South Africa, Bolivia, Venezuela, Mexico, Australia, 
  Europe and the US) called Urban Arts Berlin.
* 18 oct '14: Playing at VROOOM in Rotterdam. The second part of the collaboration with Lukas Simonis
   involving the Ms Stubnitz crowdfunding Project.
* 11 oct '14: Invited to play on the wonderful electro-acoustic stage during the 17th birthday of ADM in 
* 17th sept '14: Selected for the Sonic Acts Masterclass of Anthony Mc Call, in close collaboration with the 
   EYE Film Institute
* 16th of sept '14: Initiated together with Lukas Simonis a compilation on Bandcamp of different actual 
  sound-artists from the Dutch Experimental Music Scene. This compilation was made to gather some 
  money  for the Crowdfunding project of the German Motorschiff Stubnitz.
* 14th of september '14: Playing during "Happy Industry" , an event organised by Joep van Lieshout& AVL 
   Mundo on Museumsquare Rotterdam
* july 2014: Artist-in-residence at 'Badgast" in Scheveningen. An initiative of  
  Satellietgroep from Den Haag. A research into the direct coastal environment.
  Creating a composition of sounds of  under and above the water. Using the primal elements
  (water and wind) as a red thread in the composition leaded by my own interpretation
  of the theory of  avantgarde composer and visionair Karlheinz Stockhausen.
* 14th of june 2014: Live Performance during [LAUT] Klangkunst Festival in Mainz (GE)
* 7th of june 2014: Live performance in a basement during Urban Explorers 
   Festival in Dordrecht. I played with ice and shells from the beach
* 27th of march 2014: Playing aboard Motorschiff Stubnitz in Hamburg
* 20-21 feb 2014: Selected as semi-finalist in 2014 GUTHMAN MUSICAL 
   INSTRUMENT COMPETITION in Atlanta, Georgia, USA at the Georgia Tech     
   University department of Music Technology.
* 18th of jan 2014: organising Rammelfest, a playful and unexpected festival 
   with soundart, performances, self-built instruments and modern dance. Get 
   inspired by a laboratorium set-up of many live acts, in which different 
   art-forms are combined.  At unexpected moments a new edition will take 
   place on an unexpected place.
* 29th of dec 2013: WORM Rotterdam, ver-uit-de-maat festival. Live  
   Performance with the Splashbox
* 30th of nov 2013: Playing at (h)ear experimental audio research in Heerlen.  
   DJset mixing my own cd's together
* 16-17 nov 2013: Live Performance at PNEM Soundart Festival in Uden. Artist  
   from all over the world were playing.
* 1st of nov 2013: nacht van de Doden, musical theatre happening outside,
   at a former shipyard called NDSM in Amsterdam. Played together with Audio 
   Machinist Geert Jonkers. Outside in the night.
* 27-29 sept 2013: performance outside at MAFF festival in Almelo
7-21 sept 2013: participation in the exhibition Experimental Sounds,
  Sculptures & Installations in Melbourne with a video-clip
july 2013: workshop at Steim Amsterdam, Sound as source for film
june 2013: following a course to design interactive guided museum tours
june 2013: Several performances with the Splashbox in Amsterdam:
   Storkhallen and Kulter.
may 2013: DaDa-Diner, organised together with Patricia de Ruijter 5th of
   may 2013. To celebrate freedom of art, in comparison to the Entartete  
   Kunst, in WOII. Dada rejected reason and logic, prizing nonsense,
   irrationality and intuition and concentrated its anti-war politics through a  
   rejection of the prevailing standards in art through anti-art cultural works.  
   So we organised this diner with unexpected elements and of course a
   performance with the Splashbox
april 2013: organising and playing at Rammelfest 8.wet, an event about 
   water and sound
march 2013: artist in residence at Artspace Flipside in Eindhoven, a
   research about water and sound, closing 6th of april with a selforganised  
   soundart festival.
february 18-21 2013: selected for the Sonic Acts Masterclass of CM von
   Hauswolff & Mike Harding (collaboration between Paradiso & Steim)
january 2013: finished a crowdfunding project to fund my new instrument
  "The Splashbox" based on resonancies under water.
18th of november 2012: playing at theatre festival in Alkmaar with a 
   performance with my splashbox
8th september 2012: playing at (h)ear experimental audio research in
  Heerlen, with the first prototype of The Splashbox
1st of september 2012: collaboration in a project at the opening of the
  gaudeamus music week in Das Spectrum Utrecht
25 of august 2012: Playing at Mysteryland, a festival in Haarlemmermeer
   with poetry and noise with pure data (computer)
23 and 24 of august 2012: participating at Blikopener festival Delft with
   an interactive noise-installation dedicated to the DADA movement one 
   month building this installation on location
27th july 2012: 1st try-out with my new instrument "The splashbox"
9th of july 2012: playing in Kulter in Amsterdam, poetry with noise with
   Pure Data, collaboration with Marc Koolen
5th of may 2012: organising an DADA absinthbar at NDSM Treehouse.
   Inviting guest to ask stupid questions and try to catch gnomes after
   drinking absinth
april 2012: Playing at FAQ festival in Den Bosch with The Rauschmaschine
feb '12: Assistent light and sound @ Theatreproduction
   Hummelinck &Stuurman (who's afraid of Virginia Woolf)
jan '12: Organising and playing on experimental music festival
   Rammelfest 7komma5 in collaboration with Das Spectrum Utrecht.
oct '11: Participation Dutch Design Week with my soundsculpture at gallery
   Flipside Eindhoven, finishing the exhibition (with my instrument as 
   interactive soundobject) with a performance
oct '11 artist-in-residency at Rhizomatic Artspace for artistic research in 
   Amsterdam. I did a research audio and videomapping. Finishing
   with a performance.
sept '11: Participation in a theatre-piece during the Fringe-Festival in
   Amsterdam at bicycle-repairshop Kwikfiets. Between my resonance 
   machine and the actor (F. Domela Nieuwenhuis) there was a non-verbal 
aug & sept '11: A tour in Berlin with "Die Rauschmaschine": - At the 
  Supamolly an event called: Mental Zirkus, I played together with 
  guitar-player Gunther Schickert - Quiet Cue, an event
  at the back of recordstore "Staalplaat" organised by Nicolas
  Wiese, soloconcert - Motorship Stubnitz in Hamburg,
may '11: collaborating in a television programme about futurism 100 years
   ago, playing with my instrument
may '11: exhibition in gallery Roodkapje in Rotterdam
feb '11: organising a noise-festival @ NDSM in Amsterdam
jan '11 - march '11: developing Die Rauschmaschine at NDSM Amsterdam
  (artist-in residence @ NDSM Treehouse)
'10: Course Sound-engineer and course director
may '10: worked as technical performer with a kinetic installation made by 
   Gijs van Bon at Festival aan de werf in Utrecht
oct '10: giving a workshop "asking stupid questions"
'09: participating in designing a soundwalk of CBK Dordrecht, invited by
   ex-teachers Edwin van der Heide and Joost Rekveld
'08: a course PD at STEIM and a few gigs with my machine "Noise-Lab", 
   and workshops in the field of art, design and technology.
'07: Developed my instrument "Noise-Lab" and made a little tour around
   Holland by giving performances
'06: Many gigs with my pneumatic instrument "Pneumatix", a living
   soundsculpture. I played at a few big festivals as: Toonfestival Haarlem, 
   Robodock, Gogbot, and in Nijmegen during a marathon, outside in an old 
'05; online course electronica and worked with "Dogtroep" a machine- 
   theatre-collective the show "Carwash".
'04: started with pneumatics to make sound with and also graduation
   (bachelor) of Interfaculty Sound & Image in The Hague
'99 - '04: making own feedbackmachines, triggered by feedback and by 
   me, a research in a literally shortcut between sound and image


Former Margriet Kicks-Ass
Former Margriet Kicks-Ass
Former Margriet Kicks-Ass

Former Margriet Kicks-Ass